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About Taiser Town Scheme 45

Taiser Town Scheme 45 Or Taiser Town Is An Area In Malir Town In Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It

Was Entrenched By The Malir Development Authority (MDA) To Emigrate People Displaced Due

To The Building Of The Lyari Expressway Along The Lyari River. It Is Based Near The Gulshan-E-

Maymar Toll Plaza, Northern Bypass, And Khuda Ki Basti. Taiser Town Is Also Known As Lyari


Ethnic Groups Include Muhajirs, Bangalis, Sindhis, Punjabis, Seraikis, Kashmiris, Balochis,

Pakhtuns, Bohras, Memons, And Ismailis. Over 99% Of The Population Is Muslim And Most

People Are Bangali. The Second Biggest Group In The Population Are Pakhtuns. The Population Of

Malir Town Is Predicted To Be Approximately One Million. Taiser Is Nearby The Northern Bypass

And Khuda Ki Basti.


The commercial buildings will be 12 story buildings along with either one or two basement

floors for parking, as suitable and as necessary for the uses of planned land. The major roads

will be 140 and have been planned to run along the KNB ROW with service roads running

towards the corridor. Also, for high-end land uses, about 180 to 200 feet strip has been


The scheme has different sectors. For example, Taiser Town sector 80 ,81 79 of Phase 1 in Taiser Town is a well-

the managed residential sector of Phase 1 has a huge number of residential plots for sale. It has

parks, playgrounds, schools, and many commercial plots. Around 30,000 plots measuring 80,

120, 240, and 400 sq. yards residential plots in the Taiser Town scheme 45.

Project Description

The scheme has been outlined by Engineering Consultants International Limited (ECIL), the

experts of international renown, with know-how and wisdom of working in 19 different

countries of the world, accepting the ideas and approaches of town planning adopted in the

modernized world yet following the planning regulations of Karachi Building and Town Planning

Regulations. In 1996, KDA transferred Taiser Town Scheme 45 to MDA without any


A glance through various online property sites shows the cost of land has gone up, in some

cases from Rs.400,000 to Rs.10,00,000 for an 80-sq yard plot from earlier allotments. Many

families have submitted multiple forms, with fees ranging from Rs1,000 (non-refundable) along

with refundable booking fee of Rs9,000 for 80- and Rs15,000 for 120-sq yards and Rs2,000

(non-refundable) along with a refundable booking fee of Rs30,000 for 240- and Rs50,000 for 400-

Criteria For Eligibility

Before you appeal for the Taiser Town plot for sale, it is crucial to go through some basic

criteria. Those people who have a plot in Taiser Town already will not be eligible to apply. One

person cannot apply for the Taiser Town plot for sale more than once in the same plot

category, but the person can keep only one plot at a time if he comes out fortunate in more

than one category, which means that only one plot per CNIC will be allotted and development

charges will only be asked once all payments will be cleared. Those people living outside Karachi

will need to pay through demand draft, while those who live in Karachi can pay via pay order.

Demand Draft of Pay Order can be prepared at any commercial bank. Pay order/demand draft

to be prepared in favor of Taiser Town Scheme 45. Silk Bank’s role is confined to collecting the

fee for the plots. Successful applicants must set up residence on the plot and begin the

immediate construction of a shelterEligibility

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